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Assistant Director of Survey and Land Records

As per section 3 of Survey and Boundaries Act, Government has appointed survey officer.  As per section 4 Government has notified the place to be surveyed.  All cases Assistant Director is the Survey officer.  Assistant Director is in charge of all survey matters in connection with the survey operations in a survey party.  He test checks the work of the surveyors either by himself or through his subordinate inspecting officers.  He also checks the help of Draftsmen.  After correcting all errors detected during the checking.  The Assistant Director of survey approve the new records and publish a notice under section 9(2) of the survey and boundaries act calling for objections against the survey.  The Assistant Director or the Superintendent of Survey and Land Records disposes the objections received in response to the 9(2) notice.  After disposing of all objections, the Assistant Director publishes a notification under section 13 of the Survey and Boundaries act declaring that the records are final.

Superintendent of Survey and Land Records

The superintendent of Survey and Land Records is in charge of a field unit.  He test checks the work of the surveyors and supervises the fieldwork.  He also disposes the complaints received in response to the section 9 (2) notices.

Technical Assistant
The Technical Assistant is in charge of the office checking and compilations of resurvey records.  He supervises the work of the Draftsmen.

Head Surveyor

The Head Surveyor supervises the work of the surveyors and conduct test checking.  He also dispose of the complaints against the survey received   during the course of survey.

Head Draftsmen
The Head Draftsmen is responsible for the office checking of survey records and compilation of records.  He test checks the work of Draftsmen and supervise their work.


The surveyor is conducting the actual fieldwork of resurvey, demarcation, measurements and preparation of land records.

The Draftsmen prepares the maps and computes the area after checking the records prepared in field.

Statutory and other provisions and instructions at each points

The survey work is conducted according to the statutory provisions of the Kerala survey and boundaries act and rules.  The work is carried out at each point according to the instructions in Kerala survey Manual Vol I Chapter I to XIII.


1. Complaints during the course of Survey, According to survey and Boundaries Act, the land owners can prefer complaints against re-survey during the course of re-survey field work itself. The Head Surveyors shall dispose of such complaints after conducting enquiries and the decision communicated to all affected parties and changes made in the records.

2. After preparation of records. The records are exhibited to the landowners after completing the preparation of records. The landowners can prefer complaints after perusing these records. These complaints are disposed off by the survey Officers after conducting enquiries and decisions of the enquiries shall be communicated to all affected parties and changes effected in the records.

3. Appeals. Any land owner aggrieved by the orders as stated in 1 and 2 above can file an appeal against such order under section 11 of the Survey & Boundaries Act. These appeals shall be disposed of and decision communicated to all the affected parties and changes are also made in the records.

4. Complaints after finalisation. After disposing of the complaints against the re-survey, the records are finalised and notification published under section 13 of the survey & Boundaries Act. After finalisation of the records only the Civil Courts has got powers to alter the decision made by the Survey Officers during the course of re-survey. But Complaints are accepted in the following cases by the Survey Department.

1.    When the boundary recorded has been found defective and there is no dispute regarding the boundary.

2. The name of the landowner recorded in the re-survey was found incorrect and there is no dispute regarding     ownership.

3. The area noted in the re-survey is incorrect.

The petitions of the above type are disposed off by Survey Department by conducting Survey Adalath..