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As part of the state training policy, Survey and Land Records department is being conducted training to the entire staff of Survey and Land Records with the coordination of IMG. The Training scheduled is appended
Training to officers of Revenue Department: here are three training centers to train the officers of revenue department. The training centers are located at Thiruvananthapuram, Thrissur and Kozhikode for Chain Survey and Higher survey. The chain survey course of Revenue officers is one month duration and Higher survey training of two months duration. The training classes are conducted by Head Surveyor assisted by First Grade Surveyor. The selection for the training are made by the Land Revenue Commissioner.
>> Training & Capacity building
>> Major Training programme for survey staff launched 06 Oct 08
>> Course content for training
>> The syllabus of the Chain Survey course

>> Syllabus for Higher Survey

>> Advanced Training for Modern Survey

>> Bond for Hyderabad Training

>> First Batch of Officers and Staff Leaves for Survey of India Training to Hyderabad

Examination is conducted at the end of the course by the Director of Survey and Land Records and certificate issued.