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As per Government order No. GO (Rt)No.271/97RD REVENUE (E) DEPARTMENT Dated, Thiruvananthapuram 7-3-98. it has been ordered to dispensewith the conventional equipments such as Chain, and Cross staff, computing scale, etc. in e-survey. A fully automated survey unit with total stations has been established in all districts. In this Re-survey, the equipments and oftware for the preparation of the maps are supplied by the Leica, Switzerland. Maps are prepared by using the software called LISCAD. The software for computerisation of database “IDEALS” has been developed by NIC Thiruvananthapuram.By using this software we are generating BTR,TPR etc
NIC Delhi unit has developed a mapping software named ‘Collabland”
The records (FMBs) already prepared by conventional survey need be digitized. Accordingly the department has taken up digitization of FMBs and computerization of cadastral maps of villages.
In addition to the above the digitization of the 45 villages have been completed by survey staff. The digitization of resurvey records are in progress. The training have already given to the staff in modern survey instruments and digitization.
As part of modernization, it is decided by the Government that further resurvey work should be done only with the help of modern instruments, like GPS (Global Positioning System), Total Stations and Computers. Based on the government order the Survey and Land Records departments started resurvey with modern survey instruments., GPS can be used to establish control points. After establishing control points, subdivision survey can be drive by Total Stations. Resurvey of Vilappaya, Arannur, Viyyor have been completed by using modern survey equipments. Modern survey equipments are doing the resurvey of the remaining village.