Official Website of Directorate of Survey and Land Records
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Inauguration of Website,Digital Image Copier and Offset Press-Photos

The Department of Survey and Land Records is one of the oldest departments of the State. The original survey of the State was conducted during the period 1883-1928, separately for the Travancore, Cochin and Malabar area during different time periods. The survey is a laborious and highly technical job, and forms the ground work for revenue administration. The department in the recent times has ushered in technological advancement by introducing modern survey equipment such as Global Positioning Systems, Electronic Total Stations and CAD software for preparation of sketches on computers.
The main function of the department is to complete the resurvey of the state. Resurvey is in progress all over Kerala . Government has ordered to survey the remaining villages by using modern survey instruments.


Shri.K.Gopalakrishnan IAS



--IVrd Batch Admission Started

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